Is Stephen Colbert A Puppet Now?

Ever since Wikileaks exposed evidence that Stephen Colbert was taking orders from Hillary Clinton insiders & letting them create special episodes that catered towards the Clinton Global Initiative, late night television just isn’t the same. Stephen Colbert, the political comedy legend, is letting the Clinton Group pull his strings? I’m afraid so. Suddenly his massive bias, constant anti-Trump rhetoric & inaccurate attacks on Info Wars host Alex Jones start to make sense. He isn’t trying to simply inform or even just entertain his audience. All signs are pointing towards him being another Clinton shill in disguise. But, does it go even deeper than this? Actually, it does.

Stephen Colbert’s sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, decided to try her hand in the political arena. She ran as a Democrat in the 2013 election for South Carolina’s 1st congressional district. Stephen Colbert made a video explaining to CNN why he was helping his sister on her quest for congress. Understandable, right? Of course. He attended a fundraiser in Washington DC for her bid. This is where it gets weird. John & Tony Podesta were hosts of the fundraiser.

Is it any surprise that Stephen Colbert can’t seem to give any accurate analysis on Donald Trump when his sister gets funding from the Podesta brothers & his show is tailored & sculpted by Hillary Clinton’s camp? His most obvious gaff was when the world found out FBI Director James Comey was fired by Donald Trump. When he announced the news, his audience started cheering. He swiftly replied “Wow. Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here tonight” before correcting the audience & convincing them to boo. He then used the Trump Russia story as bait, even though the book “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” exposed that the ‘Russia hack’ story was hatched by Hillary’s campaign within 24 hours of losing the election. The book alleges that the plan was created specifically by John Podesta & Robby Mook. Why would Colbert tell the truth about this after Podesta fundraised for his sister & had his hand in episode creation of the Colbert Report? He wouldn’t.

I understand that Stephen Colbert is a comedian. But, he has a massively huge influence on the public’s perception of politics. He is a very trusted source by many & one of the most popular political voices of our era. Do most of his fans know how deeply he is personally involved with the Clinton Group & the Democratic Party? Probably not. Stephen Colbert doesn’t want his audience to know the Trump Russia story was a hatched plan by his political friends. He doesn’t want his audience to know Hillary was involved in selling uranium to Russia or that Bill Clinton did $500,000 dollars speeches for Kremlin banks. He doesn’t want his audience to know that Hillary destabilized Libya, exploited Haiti or took funding from the Saudi Regime. He doesn’t want his audience to hear audio of her laughing at her role in freeing a child rapist. He doesn’t want his audience to know about the DNC Lawsuit & how the Democratic Primary is rigged. He strictly wants his audience to hate Donald Trump. That’s fine with me. I just hope everybody knows what’s really going on.