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Public Speaking & Hosting Events

An0maly speaks at schools, universities & events worldwide. He is a self-made hip-hop artist & news analyst with 250 million video views without a manager, label or major news publication. He can cover a wide range of topics such as spirituality, motivation, culture, society, politics & business. He’s spoken recently at Harvest Prep High School In Yuma Arizona & Hosted a panel at BLEXIT LA. Also recently spoke on a Los Angeles Town Hall event hosted by Jesse Lee Peterson with Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan & iHeartRadio host Mo’Kelly.

Music Performance

An0maly is a hip-hop artist, spoken word poet & a DJ. He’s well equipped to perform any set from a stadium concert to a poetry lounge to an event conference to a classy vibe as a very rare DJ. An0maly’s rap hits “Bob Ross” & “I Like Trump” complement his arsenal of freestyles & music projects with millions of listens worldwide. He’s performed all over the United States from the House of Blues in Los Angeles to venues all along the East Coast. His spoken word poetry “Don’t Talk About Politics” & “It’s Not All About Money…” have garnered international success with millions of streams also. He can also DJ any party, event or conference! He can light up the vibes with some Jackson 5, Hall & Oates, rare new music mixed in with the classics everybody loves. Let’s get the party started!

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